Policy creation process

Current as of 07/05/2024

The Rights and Roles of Civil Voice Party members

Roles of the Policy committee

Roles of the Management committee

  1. Idea Generation:
    • Brainstorm policy ideas, make sure that they align with the party’s tenants, values and vision, ie sustainability, inclusivity, diversity, and evidence-based solutions.
    • Research existing policies and gather relevant information to support your idea.
    • Promote your idea to fellow Civil Voice Party members
  2. Proposal Submission:
    • Post your policy idea on the civilvoice.au online forum.
    • Provide a clear explanation of the proposed policy, its objectives, and alignment with party principles. Using the structure for the policy approved of by the policy committee this structure can only be altered at a normal Civil Voice Party AGM
  3. Engage with Members:
    • Engage with party members through online forums, discussions, and also potentially organise in person meetings or events to garner support for your policy idea.
    • Present your proposal politely, professionally, effectively and addressing concerns and answering questions raised by fellow members.
    • If you receive feed back or suggestions consider revising and altering the policy proposal based on the feedback.
    • Once you are confident that your proposal has appropriate support request the policy committee to create a poll.
  4. Poll Creation Request:
    • The policy committee reviews the proposal’s alignment with party values, if the policy meets this standard, then;
    • The committee will set up the poll on the civilvoice.au website, and will;
    •  Clearly state the opening and closing dates of the poll on the civilvoice.au website
    • The polling duration will be 28 natural days from the start date of publication to allow sufficient time for members to review and participate in the poll.
    • The policy committee will communicate to all member that a policy proposal has been submitted, it aligns with party values, a poll has been created, the opening and closing dates and that all members are obligated to vote.
    • The policy committee is charged with the responsibility to make sure that this is done in a manner that is fair, ethical and in accordance with the party’s tenants, values and vision
  5. Polling and Results:
    • The policy committee is charged with the responsibility to make sure that all member is informed of the results of the poll by;
      1. Publishing the results on the website.
      2. By email, text or digital medium.
      3. Or any additional means, deem appropriate to inform the registered membership of the Civil Voice Party
    • Monitor the poll results closely. If the policy receives at least a 66% majority, proceed to the next step.
  6. Policy Committee Review:
    • Submit the poll results and the proposal to the policy committee for review and ratification consideration.
    • Based on their evaluation, the committee decides whether to ratify the policy or not.
  7. Implementation and Updates:
    • Once ratified, the policy becomes an official policy of the Civil Voice Party.
    • Develop an implementation plan, including timelines, responsible parties, and monitoring mechanisms.
    • Regularly assess and update the policy as needed based on feedback, changing circumstances, and evolving party priorities.
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