The roles and responsibilities of the policy committee

Current as of 07/05/2024

The Rights and Roles of Civil Voice Party members

Roles of the Policy committee

Roles of the Management committee

The policy committee is central to the process of proposing, evaluating, ratifying, and maintaining policies within the Civil Voice party.

  1. Reviewing Policy Proposals:
    • Review policy proposals submitted by party members to ensure alignment with party tenets, values, and vision such as sustainability, inclusivity, diversity, and evidence-based solutions.
  2. Evaluating Policy Alignment:
    • Evaluate proposed policies to ensure they align with the party’s principles and objectives.
  3. Decision Making on Policy Proposals:
    • Determine whether proposed policies meet the standards of alignment with party values. The committee has the authority to request rewording of proposals, seek ruling from the management committee, or create polls to gauge member opinion.
  4. Communicating Policy Proposal Status:
    • Communicate the status of policy proposals to the proposer within 14 days of decision, informing them of acceptance, rejection, or the need for rewording.
  5. Creating Polls:
    • Set up polls on the website within 14 days of a policy proposal meeting the required standard. The committee is responsible for clearly stating the opening and closing dates of the poll.
  6. Ensuring Member Participation:
    • Communicate to all party members about submitted policy proposals, their alignment with party values, the creation of polls, and the obligation for members to vote.
  7. Fair and Ethical Conduct of Polling:
    • Ensure that the polling process is conducted in a fair, ethical, and transparent manner, adhering to party tenets, values, and vision.
  8. Informing Members of Poll Results:
    • Ensure that all members are informed of the results of the poll through various means such as website publication, email, text, or other digital mediums.
  9. Policy Display and Maintenance:
    • Display policies on the website in three categories: Pending polling, Current, or Achieved (superseded).
    • Ensure the accuracy of the website regarding the representation of party policies at all times.
  10. Policy Ratification:
    • Review poll results and policy proposals for ratification consideration.
    • Based on their evaluation, decide whether to ratify the policy or not.
  11. Implementation and Updates:
    • Once ratified, update the policy on the website and label it as “Current.”
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