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In the Civil Voice Party, the process of policy creation aligns closely with the party’s tenets and the principles of direct democracy. The party’s tenets, such as sustainability, inclusivity, and evidence-based solutions, guide members in brainstorming policy ideas and ensuring that proposals reflect these core values.

Through the direct democracy model, all registered members have the opportunity to actively participate in the policy creation process. Members have the right to propose policies, engage in discussions, and vote in polls to determine the fate of proposed policies. This model empowers members to directly influence the direction of the party and the formulation of its policies, emphasizing the importance of collective decision-making and inclusivity.

The role of the policy committee is to ensure that proposed policies align with the party’s tenets and values. They review proposals to ensure they meet the required standards before setting up polls for members to vote on. This process ensures that policies reflect the collective values and vision of the party while upholding the principles of direct democracy.

Similarly, the management committee oversees the policy process, ensuring fairness, transparency, and ethical conduct throughout. They play a supervisory role, ensuring that the policy creation process remains in line with the party’s tenets and the principles of direct democracy.

Moreover, the Civil Voice Party respects the roles of government departments, statutory bodies, civil institutions, NGOs, and communities in informing and implementing policies. This acknowledgment underscores the party’s commitment to collaborative governance and the importance of engaging various stakeholders in the policy-making process.

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