Roles of the Management committee

Current as of 07/05/24

The Rights and Roles of Civil Voice Party members

Roles of the Policy committee

Roles of the Management committee

The management committee plays a crucial role in overseeing the policy proposal process, ensuring ethical conduct, and maintaining the integrity of party policies within the Civil Voice Party.

  1. Decision-Making Authority:
    • The management committee has the authority to direct the policy committee regarding policy proposals. They can instruct the policy committee to reject proposals if they believe they are vexatious, nefarious, or against the tenets of the party.
  2. Overseeing Policy Proposal Process:
    • The management committee plays a supervisory role in the policy proposal process. They can ask the policy committee to rule on the appropriateness of a proposal or create polls to seek member opinion on proposals that meet the required standard.
  3. Handling Policy Rejections:
    • The management committee can direct the policy committee to reject policy proposals if they are deemed to be against the party’s values or if a majority vote by the membership indicates so.
  4. Informing Proposal Submitters:
    • The management committee ensures that proposers are informed of the decision regarding their proposal within 14 days or sooner, providing reasons for rejection if applicable.
  5. Ensuring Ethical Conduct:
    • The management committee ensures that the policy proposal process is conducted in a fair, ethical, and transparent manner, consistent with the party’s tenets, values, and vision.
  6. Supervising Poll Creation:
    • The management committee oversees the creation of polls by the policy committee and ensures that they are set up within the specified timeframe.
  7. Ensuring Policy Compliance:
    • The management committee ensures that policies displayed on the website are accurate and comply with party standards. They also ensure that the policy committee fulfills its responsibilities regarding policy display and maintenance.

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