The rights and roles of Civil Voice Party members

Current as of 07/05/2024

The Rights and Roles of Civil Voice Party members

Roles of the Policy committee

Roles of the Management committee

Civil Voice Party members have the rights to propose policies, engage in discussions, participate in decision-making through voting, and ensure that party policies align with their collective values and vision.

  1. Policy Proposal Rights:
    • Any registered member has the right to propose a policy.
  2. Policy Proposal Submission:
    • Members can submit policy ideas on the online forum.
  3. Policy Explanation and Alignment:
    • Members are responsible for providing a clear explanation of their proposed policy, including its objectives and alignment with party principles.
  4. Engagement with Members:
    • Members are encouraged to engage with fellow party members through online forums, discussions, and potentially in-person meetings or events to garner support for their policy ideas.
  5. Professional Presentation:
    • Members are expected to present their proposals politely, professionally, and effectively while addressing concerns and answering questions raised by fellow members.
  6. Compliance with Forum Rules:
    • Members must ensure that their posts about policies follow the rules of the online forum, avoiding behaviors such as spamming or flooding, as per the forum’s guidelines.
  7. Consideration of Feedback:
    • Members should consider feedback or suggestions received from other party members and be open to revising and altering their policy proposals based on this feedback.
  8. Requesting Poll Creation:
    • Once confident in their proposal and support, members can request the policy committee to create a poll for their proposal.
  9. Participation in Polls:
    • Members are obligated to vote in polls created for policy proposals, ensuring their participation in the decision-making process.
  10. Access to Poll Results:
    • Members have the right to be informed of the results of polls, either through website publication, email, text, or other digital mediums.
  11. Policy Ratification Rights:
    • Members have the right to see policies ratified if they receive at least a 66% majority in the poll.
  12. Reviewing and Ratifying Policies:
    • Members participate indirectly in the review and ratification of policies through their votes in polls.
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