About us

Our vision is to lead Australia towards a sustainable and inclusive future by prioritizing collaboration, diversity, and evidence-based solutions. We advocate for swift action to address climate change, environmental degradation, and social inequities. Embracing the strength of our collective perspectives, we celebrate immigration as a source of enrichment and prosperity. We strive to balance power among government, corporations, small business and labor unions, ensuring, prosperity, accountability and safeguarding the common good.

Through open dialogue and just compromises, we seek inclusive policies that benefit all Australians, addressing issues like housing affordability, supporting businesses and access to education and healthcare. Our commitment is to empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives unrestricted by barriers, championing their rights to express their identities and beliefs. By fostering a culture of pragmatism, cooperation, and respect, we aim to build resilient communities that thrive on shared values of sustainability, diversity, and collective prosperity.

Within the Civil Voice Political Party, we believe at a direct democracy model empowers party members to actively participate in shaping policies and processes. Through digital platforms, forums or regular meetings, members can propose, discuss, and vote on various party initiatives, policies, and decisions. This approach fosters transparency, inclusivity, and grassroots engagement, ensuring that the party’s direction reflects the collective will of its members. By providing a direct voice and input into decision-making, the party strengthens democratic values and processes and that, most importantly members are involved and being heard.

If you would like to be a part of this, join us now.

  • Welcome to Civil Voice

    Hey everyone, we’re super excited to share how you can get involved in making our society a more inclusive, transparent, and participatory place. So, the Civil Voice Party? We’re all about inclusivity, transparency, and making sure everyone’s voice is heard. We’re not your typical left or right-wing party – we’re more in the middle, bridging… [Read More]